What's in the box?

In the box

You get :
• The Amiga 500 Mini
• Mouse
• Gamepad
• Power lead
• HDMI cable
• Manual

You do not get :
• A plug (check out our setting it up guide.
• A working keyboard (there is a virtual keyboard in software)

Amiga 500 Mini in-built games

The mini has an in-built dashboard with 25 top games ready to play. According to one internet source, Lemon Amiga, the worst rated games included are Zool and Titus the Fox with the best games being Simon the Sorcerer and Speedball 2 though no game gets below a rating of 6.

If you are not sure which games to try, you can always sort by score or visit some of the links for more info.

Name Amiga Mini Link Hall of Light Lemon Amiga Score Open Retro Score
Alien Breed 3D Link Link 7.89 Link 8.3 Link
Alien Breed: Special Edition 92 Link Link 8.27 Link 8.2 Link
Another World Link Link 8.75 Link 8.5 Link
Arcade Pool Link Link 8.22 Link 8.5 Link
ATR: All Terrain Racing Link Link 7.7 Link 7.74 Link
Battle Chess Link Link 7.85 Link 8.1 Link
Cadaver Link Link 7.95 Link 8.4 Link
California Games Link Link 7.47 Link 7.2 Link
Dragon’s Breath Link Link 8.53 Link 8.4 Link
F-16 Combat Pilot Link Link 7.94 Link Link
Kick Off 2 Link Link 8.18 Link 8.8 Link
Paradroid 90 Link Link 8.05 Link Link
Pinball Dreams Link Link 8.69 Link 8.4 Link
Project-X: Special Edition 93 Link Link 7.98 Link 8.5 Link
Qwak Link Link 8.16 Link 8.0 Link
Simon the Sorcerer Link Link 8.8 Link 8.2 Link
Speedball 2 Link Link 8.77 Link 8.7 Link
Stunt Car Racer Link Link 8.54 Link 8.8 Link
Super Cars II Link Link 8.42 Link 8.3 Link
The Chaos Engine Link Link 8.52 Link 8.2 Link
The Lost Patrol Link Link 7.9 Link 7.6 Link
The Sentinel Link Link 8.19 Link Link
Titus the Fox Link Link 6.75 Link 8.3 Link
Worms - The Directors Cut Link Link 8.66 Link 8.2 Link
Zool Link Link 6.48 Link 8.6 Link

To get more games, check out our games guide