Setting it up

AC Adapter not included!?!

Don’t panic!

There is a USB lead (USB C on the Amiga Mini to USB A) that can be inserted into a USB socket or a plug such as those included with mobile phones.

If you are connecting to a modern TV, there is a good chance your TV will have a well powered USB port on the back which is a great opportunity to power the Amiga Mini. PC Monitors sometimes have USB hubs that could be used for power.

USB Power from TV


The Amiga sounds great.

If you want to use it with a computer monitor that doesn’t have speakers rather than a television, unfortunately the Amiga Mini does not have a headphone or audio out socket.

HDMI Audio splitter

However you can get a splitter to get the audio from the HDMI output.

HDMI Audio Splitter
HDMI audio splitter

Gaming monitor without speakers? Check for a headphone socket

Before getting a splitter, check that your monitor doesn’t have a headphone or audio out socket. Many gaming monitors have this feature so you can plug in some headphones or a speaker into your gaming monitor.

Gaming monitor headphone


Don’t like the gamepad? Many users are complaining that the gamepad can be hard to use especially when moving diagonally and you have to press two buttons at the same time.

The good news is that many existing gamepads work right away.

The first gamepad we tried was a Playstation 3 compatible joypad and it worked a treat.

Playstation 3 compatible joypad

Others are reporting that wired Xbox controllers also work. We'll report back once we have more details.

Powered USB Hub

The Amiga 500 Mini comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports. These tend to be used for 1. the mouse, 2. the gamepad and 3. a USB memory stick.

But what if you want to plug in a keyboard? Or another joy pad?

The simple answer is to use a USB hub.

Most USB hubs are powered by the device they are connected to. A standard, average USB hub would get its power from the Amiga Mini. It is recommended though, to avoid running into issues depending on how you power your Amiga 500 Mini, to use a powered USB hub. These come with their own power supply instead of taking power from the device they are connected to.

Powered USB Hub
Powered USB Hub

Floppy Disk Designs

Just for fun, you can pimp out your Amiga Mini with these 3D Printed miniature floppy disks. It is a very cheap way for some amazing aesthetics.

Amiga 500 Mini floppy disks
Cosmetic only floppy disks