Pandory and RetroArch

Emulate other systems on your Amiga Mini

Pandory on Amiga Mini

Pandory gives you full access to the Amiga 500 Mini allowing you to run native programs.

One of those programs is RetroArch, a frontend for a huge number of emulators and game engines (as well as media players). Pandora runs from a USB stick and is completely removable.

Pandory may not work if you update the firmware on your Amiga Mini. It should work on a non-updated Amiga Mini.

Download Pandory

This is the official page for Pandory containing

Visit Pandory

Upload files to your USB stick

Your USB memory stick should now look something like this:

Pandory USB root folder

With your USB memory stick in your Amiga Mini, select the Pandory folder and then the Pandory file within to launch Pandory.

For more info, this video highlights some of the possibilities:
Visit YouTube