Amiga 500 Mini

This is a fan site for the new Amiga A500 mini. It is not affiliated with Retro Games Ltd., the manufacturer of the Amiga Mini.

Amiga A500 mini box

Why get an Amiga 500 Mini?

The benefits and alternatives

If you have yet to make a decision, check out the options available and our price comparison

Why get an Amiga Mini?
Back of Amiga A500 mini box

What's in the box

What you get with your Amiga 500 Mini

The leads, the controllers, game scores and links to game instructions

What's included with your Amiga Mini
Amiga A500 Mini computer

Better setup options

Sound, Gamepads, Keyboards and HDMI options

How best to power your Amiga Mini and better expansions

Improve your Amiga Mini setup
Amiga A500 Mini joypad

Get more games

How to download and play more games on your Amiga mini

Adding games is easy. This quick guide will show you where and how to add them

More Amiga Mini games
Amiberry on Amiga Mini

Configure your Mini

Change Amiberry emulation speed, Load ADF files

Files to download to your USB memory stick to boot to a GUI and read ADF files

Get to the GUI

Workbench and more

Productivity, Music, Games and more

A quick description of Aminimiga (and a quick warning)

Pandory and RetroArch


Emulate other machines

Who says you can't play Doom on an Amiga? Pandory with RetroArch emulates a huge list of machines



Amiga resources on the worldwide web

There are a huge number of Amiga resources available. This is a brief list of some very popular website and forums.

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